Still Spirits Top Shelf Orange Truffle Irish Cream Liqueur Home Brew Flavouring Essence


Top Shelf Cream Liqueurs are perfect for entertaining and no evening would be complete without a bottle flavoured with a Top Shelf Cream Liqueur.

Each flavouring is beautifully presented in 50 ml bottles and labelled individually to hint at the commercial spirit style they emulate.

Enjoy delicious Top Shelf Cream Liqueur flavourings together with the Top Shelf Cream Base for the perfect body and sweetness.

They’re wonderful served over ice, in dessert recipes and make lovely ice cream toppings.

Makes an Irish cream style liqueur flavouring with a twist of chocolate truffle and fresh orange peel notes.

Mixing Instructions

Gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to Cream Liqueurs.

Add 250ml warm water to large mixing jug.

Add contents of Still Spirits Cream Base very slowly while stirring thoroughly with a whisk.

Add alcohol as indicated on flavour bottle & top up to 1.125L with water.